Eagle's View™️ Planning

No Thanks, I am SWOT-ed out!
– A Tribal Chairman's response to ordinary strategic planning

Tired of being SWOT-ed? TES understands the SWOT Process where key stakeholders identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats as they relate to the Tribe. But the SWOT process dismisses the value of the community voice in the planning process. TES utilizes a unique, culturally-relevant model for planning that we call the Eagle's View™ Plan.

An EVP plan will empower your community to share their needs and interests. Then your staff develops programs, projects, and policies to meet the community’s needs. Your leadership then prioritizes program ideas and tribal projects with informed decision-making! The EVP is designed to last beyond political time frames. See samples of the Plan below.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska's Integrated Resource Management Plan
Walker River Paiute Tribe's Comprehensive Plan

TES can apply this model to a wide variety of planning processes, such as:

  • Comprehensive Tribal Program Planning
  • Tribal Department Planning
  • Emergency Management Planning (CEMP, HMP, etc)
  • Economic Development Strategic Planning.
  • …and more!
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