Comparing Plans

TES created the Eagle's View™ plan to address the shortcomings of corporate-style strategic planning in Indian Country.

Eagle's View™ PlanStrategic Plan
Community-basedCorporate theory
Starts with the peopleStarts with the leadership in power
Based on real needs from the communityBased on SWOT analysis
Better government planning for Indian CountryServes a corporate board of directors
Can outlast changes in administrationTossed out with each new administration

The Eagle's View™ plan starts with gathering community input to identify the needs and wishes of the community. Then TES facilitates a solution-based process with tribal staff to identify programs and/or policies that address the needs of the community. TES then facilitates a prioritization process with the Tribal leadership. The final plan is organized in a series of reports, media, and posters designed to communicate the plan at all levels in the Tribal government and community. The result is a plan that is tailored to the unique needs and interests of each Tribe and its citizens, and a government that can operate more effectively.

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