The Eagle's View™ Planning Process

Increase grant competitiveness, by showing evidence of community-identified needs!

The EVP Process: Easy as 1-2-3

STEP 1: Gather community input on the needs of Tribe.

STEP 2: Facilitate a planning session with appropriate tribal staff to create a list of programs, projects or policies to meet the identified community needs.

STEP 3: Work with tribal council and leadership to prioritize those projects, programs, and policies that were identified based on tribal values.

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Figure 1. The Eagle's View™ model.

  • Validation for your community—by offering a forum for the community’s voice to be heard.
  • A plan for your Nation—provides better staff guidance and focus, and leadership can make informed decisions.
  • Demonstration of effectiveness—shows tribal leaders are hearing the voice of the people.
  • Improved award rates—community plans increase grant competitiveness and implementation effectiveness

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Figure 2. Using the Eagle's View community-centered planning model, grant applications achieved a success rate above 80%.

TES tips for community plans:

  • Frame the priorities of the community using statements about Tribal values.
  • Publish and post the results, for all community members to review!
  • Create the documents to track progress in Action Strategy©.


Your next Tribal planning event

TES can facilitate your planning efforts with community-focused activities and documentation, powerful enough to survive leadership turnover. The result is an Eagle's View™ Plan.

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