Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a very corporate-style process that was designed to increase profits for corporate shareholders, and manage company resources.

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While strategic planning is great for Tribal enterprises, it doesn't get the community support or buy-in necessary for managing a Tribal Nation. You'd be amazed by the ideas that your Tribal Citizens have! They stopped sharing their ideas at meetings, town hall gatherings or similar forums because somebody shushed them and shut down their desire to promote their creative ideas! 

A town hall meeting (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

TES understands, too, that in some of our Trauma-Impacted Communities there's a "culture of silence" that's been promoted by past colonization efforts. Strategic planning gives the power to a selected few... is that your cultural tradition? When the community doesn't feel any ownership in the plan, new leadership feel they can easily dismiss the strategic plan. 

The challenges that arise in strategic planning include (a) Tribal citizens are not customers who will bestow revenue, (b) the tribal staff are not corporate resources, and (c) strategic planning does not win grant proposals. Many large funding agencies (ANA, HUD, DOJ, etc) require your proposal to include the community's ideas to address the community-identified need.

For a better alternative, consider the Eagle's View™ Plan