Award Management

Traditional Eagle Solutions did a professional job serving  as the acting CEO of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and Director of Planning and Grants Management for Little Priest Tribal College. They helped organize our grant information to keep us in compliance and kept the Tribe moving in the right direction.

 Maunka Morgan, Little Priest Tribal College President & Former Tribal Council Representative

TES can facilitate your grant kick off 
to ensure that your grant is implemented efficiently 
and your grant program is set up for success.

TES recommends a Grant Kick-Off Meeting for effective and efficient grant implementation. Below is a sample of a grant kick-off meeting to be initiated upon grant award notice.


  • Schedule implementation mtg
  • Merge approved budget into appropriate Finance Office Line items (sub account codes)
  • Initiate hiring process for grant funded positions, update position descriptions, post
  • Identify location for new grant staff office(s)
  • Order any necessary materials, equipment (computers, phones, etc.)
  • Set up grant database with milestones and data goals
  • Discuss methodology for data collection
  • Set up grant account (ACH, PMS, or agency specific system)
  • Initiated sub contract process, as appropriate
  • Initiate procurement for large equipment (vehicle, servers, etc.)


  • TES can provide training and a database system to track grant activities. This enables your staff to successfully implement the grant program or project.


Let TES work with your staff to ensure successful grant management!
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