Grant Evaluation (Process Evaluation)

TES works with Tribal
leadership, staff and community
to evaluate existing grants.

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Do you have a Grant that has fallen out of compliance?

Have you had a Grant position vacant for a great length of time?

Is your Project Director struggling to manage a grant budget? 

TES has experience with addressing the many various issues that impact grant success:

Budget Management

Carryover Budget Requests

Milestone Planning

Grant Adjustment Notice Requests

Community Engagement 

...and many more!

TES's Process Evaluation style: TES documents the measurements, milestones and activities of the grant program or project. This is done by reviewing the original grant, any grant modifications, interviewing staff and/or community, progress reports, and milestones. TES will then provide an evaluation based upon their review (usually within 14 days of on-site visit). This is an excellent way to address Grants that have fallen out of compliance or have struggled to meet their objectives. TES provides solutions! 

Let Traditional Eagle Solutions help identify Solutions to address your grant challenges!

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