Grant-Writing Training

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The most successful organizations require all their staff to take an active role in the grant writing process. At TES we understand not everyone is a grant writer, but our goal is to empower tribal staff to work as a team and develop successful grant proposals as a team.

Oftentimes designated grant writers are left to write grants alone in their office. However a grant development team is needed to successfully identify, develop, and roll-out grants. Our training demonstrates the team approach to grant writing.

The team should consist of representatives from the department hosting the grant, Finance, Human Resources, relevant staff, partners and a Tribal member with cultural wisdom. This team will then be ready to regroup upon grant award.

Training Topics

**Grant Writing 101 - Council Members

TES encourages training Tribal leaders so that they understand the Grant Writing Process and General Rules for Grant Management. This empowers them to make informed decisions regarding Grant Pursuit efforts and Grant Management.  Training outline

**Grant Writing 101 - Staff

TES trainers empower any or all members of your staff to understand and support grant proposal development and management. TES can also give new Grant Writers tips on how to develop a competitive grant proposal. Training outline

**Grant Development

Staff and Leadership are provided with the information about the necessary components of developing a competitive grant proposal. (Hint: the most important effort in grant development is to begin with the Tribal Community's input.)  Training outline

**Grant Management and Compliance

TES provides any or all staff with the necessary information to manage federal, state or foundation grant funds.  Keeping grants in compliance with the funding agency is imperative for future grant pursuits.  Training outline

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