Grant Development- The time to start is now

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Through their diligence and knowledge [Teri and Darlene] acquired millions of dollars in programming funds that we had never accessed before.
– Larry Wright Jr., Chairman, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

Get your Tribal Staff ready for submitting competitive grant applications.
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TES discourages “chasing the money” or when a funding opportunity is announced and everyone starts thinking of ways to use the grant for SOMETHING! 

A better way is to identify your needs BEFORE any funding opportunities are announced

Pulling the pieces together...Before any funding opportunities are announced TES encourages organizations to start a comprehensive, community-driven planning process that is documented for all future grant proposals. This way all the needs and best practices for your organization are identified in advance and will help all of your grant proposals in the future.

A competitive proposal matches the funding agency's vision with the proposed goals, objectives and activities. TES believes it is imperative that the grant -proposed activities are meaningful to your community and grounded in culture. An important partner in the development stage is the “cultural wisdom holder(s)” in the tribal community. This keeps your proposal grounded in culture and meaningful to your community.

TES proposes the following pre-grant writing services:

  1. Identify Tribal community priorities (See Eagle's View™ Planning)
  2. Determine funding opportunities to address the priorities
  3. Determine the feasibility of funding opportunity
  4. Determine staffing needs and identify the “host” department
  5. Plan the budget
  6. Determine goals, objectives and measurables
  7. Develop the Timeline of activities
  8. Begin the Coordination of Appendix items
Let TES help you get ready for writing competitive grant applications!

It is never too early to start the process. Contact TES today!

News related to upcoming funding opportunities, workshops, and our travels as we visit different Tribal nations.