Grant Process Policies

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A Grant Process Policy is necessary to guide the efforts to pursue grant funding from funding agencies, most commonly, the Federal government.  To pursue funding an organization must identify the eligibility requirements and specific conditions under which the agency will grant funding. The governing body (Tribe or Board) should know when a grant application is being developed for their jurisdiction and should have a standing process to determine their participation in the funding opportunity. This is especially important when the governing body is required to include an approving resolution, and/or a mutual agreement established between project partners.

Grant requirements could include tribal matching funds (i.e. cash or in-kind), partnerships and/or proof of community support, specific policies, special certifications, assurances, etc. Policies help to know what is being proposed to meet these requirements and know for what obligations the Tribe is to be responsible; to know who has the authority (administrative and fiscal) to review and approve all grant applications; to ensure that proposed grant budgets are realistic; that the Tribe's operational/indirect costs are applied properly and have proper fiscal review.

TES has designed such a process and can assist your Tribe in customizing a policy to guide development, submissions, and management of your grants.

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