TES Institute for Employment Empowerment, Resiliency & Advancement (TES-ERA)


TES Institute for Employment Empowerment, Resiliency & Advancement

Promoting Cultural Resiliency throughout Indian Country

Is your Tribe ready to invest in your Tribal members/workers?

Are you experiencing difficulty when filling positions with ready-for-work Tribal members?

TES-ERA has created a UNIQUE approach to improving the workforce in Tribal communities. Our experience includes executive management, promoting cultural resiliency with a unique presentation of Historical or Inter-generational Trauma, and adult education. Together, we developed an effective training curriculum to prepare tribal members for employment & train staff for Tribal Management.

Our curriculum is applicable to a variety of workersTANF participants, laborers, departmental staff, tribal enterprise employees and executive staff/managers–with the ability to customize the curriculum to meet your needs.

Modules of TESERA

> Developing a Team 

> Spectrum of Trauma

> Promoting Cultural Resiliency 

> Building Trust

>Communication Styles 

>The Four Agreements

>Time & Money Management

>Employer Expectations

> What are Work Ethics 

>What is Personal Sovereignty: Goal Setting

TESERA can also provide training in the following areas:
  • How to Design a Community Plan
  • Lesson Planning for Native Learners
  • Strategies for Teaching Native Learners
  • Personnel Policy Training
  • Grant Management
  • Grant Writing
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