Indigenized Supervisor Training

It isn't that the Tribe needs to terminate the Tribal Members that are struggling as supervisors- they've been advanced beyond their skill set. They were great workers that haven't been prepared adequately for the supervisory role. Teach them how to be good supervisors. 

- A Wise Tribal Councilman

TES-ERA offers "Indigenized Management" Training 101 or 200.

The Indigenized Management training is designed to address the various issues impeding Supervisors in their roles in Tribal Management. This  intense training opportunity focuses on promoting effective supervision in our Tribal Communities. TES-ERA can tailor this training to meet your needs.

The workshop provides a safe environment for supervisors and/or managers to better understand their strengths and how to employ those strengths as an effective supervisor. Participants will learn about their personal strengths, identify their communication and management styles; and most importantly, develop an understanding of how historic or intergenerational trauma impacts their Tribal Staff and Clients.
Training outline

Through inventories, activities, projects, and individual coaching, attendees will leave with new skills in:

  • Speaking and Talking with Others in a Good Way
  • Understanding Trust in Indian Country
  • Communication Supervisory Expectations
  • Native Morale and Motivation Building
  • Building Native Work Teams
  • Empowering Employees: Native Style
  • Accountability without Scolding or Shaming
  • Encouraging a Team-Delegating with Confidence
  • More Real Indigenized Work Applications

Every Tribe we have worked with has expressed the goal of investing in their staff, especially tribal members. TES and Associates—such as Faith Spotted Eagle, long-time PTSD/Cultural Counselor & Dr. Nancy Stelter, Job Coach—possess combined working professional experiences & knowledge and will provide tools for those working for our tribal communities.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to invest in your tribal management staff.

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