Policy Training & Rollout

Departments often benefit from updating, reviewing, and discussing their policies—especially supervisors and departmental heads who are directly responsible to interpret and enforce compliance of the policies. 

A challenge that tribal leaders must balance is the priority to ensure that the most qualified and educated candidates will be selected to direct the best services for their community. Does your policy include guidance for situations such as when a candidate possesses years of experience rather than meeting minimum educational requirements?

Do you employ a staff development plan so that a candidate who is being promoted within is given sufficient training, or is it assumed “they already know what to do?” 

TES has worked with staff to strengthen policies that guide the HR staff, supervisors, tribal leaders and any others who are directly responsible for enforcing policies. We can assist with an organizational-wide policy roll- out. 

TES services can be helpful with policies that have existed without current revisions or if there are various versions of policy circulating throughout the organization. 

We also know the importance of training the supervisors, leaders and managers about policies- A multi-phased roll-out to all levels of the staff will ensure everyone has the most current policy and is provided an opportunity to review the policy in a more effective group setting.

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