Tribal Policy Writing & Rollout

Policy Writing with Northern Arapaho Tribe

Organizations benefit from updating, reviewing, and discussing policies—especially supervisors and department heads, who are directly responsible for interpreting and enforcing compliance of the policies.

Policy Writing

Decrease the “drama” in your organization by creating and updating standard policies. TES can update policies for organizations and/or work with your staff to strengthen the policies and improve their understanding of the policies which they enforce. This is especially needed for organizations that have “policy updates” on their long list of things to do. TES works with organizations to ensure that Tribal policies best reflect the values and culture of the Tribal community. Once a final policy is written, then, it is important to follow up with an organization-wide policy roll out.

Policy Training & Rollout

It is important to hold regularly scheduled reviews of policies so that everyone “knows” the policies—such as the personnel or procurement policies.

When hiring from within a Tribe, it should not be assumed new hires “already know” or “should know” the Tribe’s policies. It is important to provide sufficient training for all employees, even more so with supervisors.

Organizing a policy roll-out enables the tribal organization to address an ongoing need. Such a roll-out will ensure everyone has the most current policy and is provided an opportunity to review the policy in a more effective group setting.

TES Tribal Policy Services

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