Housing Policies

Are your getting ready to develop your Indian Housing Plan? TES can facilitate your next Housing Planning Meeting!

TES can assist with reviewing your overall housing strategies to guide how your Tribe can improve living conditions for tribal members within tribal communities. 

A Tribal Housing Policy may also include guidance for how to extend resources beyond their tribal members or how resources are shared with other people living in their community.

HUD provides standards and minimum requirements to continue HUD funding support for Tribally Designated Housing Entities. Tribes may choose to adopt these same standard policies for their tribally supported Housing Program.  To determine if this is a good fit or to design a policy which better fits a Tribal Program, TES can be onsite to assist with such design. 


TES can work with your Housing Authority & Community to establish strong housing strategies and policies.

Contact TES to work with your Tribal Housing Authority and community to improve the policies that impact Tribal member resources!

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