HR / Personnel Policies

Human Resources or Personnel Departments are responsible for basic recruitment, management and direction of people who work for our organizations. Human Resource’s decisions impact overall operations through the implementation of administrative policies and procedures, and then, through the guidance of employees via employee handbooks.

Procedures must be written to be consistent, concise and administered fairly to be effective. Too often policies are waived, misinterpreted or inconsistently enforced. This weakens the written policy and the credibility of the HR staff.   

Whether you only need to review and update your whole existing policy or there is a need to add new sections, TES can assist with updates, revisions and writing. We can advise on policy options and identify the best fit for your Tribe.

TES can work with your staff and leadership to develop policies that reflect your community’s values and culture.

Contact TES to increase the effectiveness of your Personnel Policies!

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