Procurement Policies

Does your organization’s leaders and staff understand the procurement process? 

Have you had audit findings related to procurement?

Do you know the procurement regulations for each funding agency?

TES has worked with Tribes that have various factors impacting how they procure goods and services. Organizations have utilized various levels of signatory authority.  

A flow chart can depict your process to better communicate what a written policy guides.  A written policy provides detailed steps to follow when procuring goods and services, which should require increasing reviews depending upon the value of the item(s) or services being procured. 

There are standard regulations that are required by funding agencies such as BIA, IHS, FTA, FHWA and HUD.  Statements also exist in grant and contractual agreements that require you to follow procurement guidelines unless you already have policies that exceed those minimum guidelines.

TES can work with your staff to establish your organization’s procurement policies!

Contact TES to work with your Tribe or organization to review, update and/or train your staff on an improved procurement process and policy. 

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