Travel Policies

Does your staff understand and follow your travel policies? 

Do you have a method for authorizing travel?

Does your staff apply GSA rules and regulations to their travel reimbursements?

Travel policies need to be in place as soon as a Tribal employee leaves the office to transport clients, check out a GSA vehicle or attend a training. 

Updated Travel Policies should be reviewed with all new staff along with periodic training for everyone. Consistent training of, and compliance with Travel Policies is a challenge if there is a high staff turnover rate or if the policy is waived for anyone in the organization. All staff who utilize vehicles for work related travel; travel for training on behalf of the organization, and those who process travel-related settlements/reimbursements should comply with the organization’s travel policies. TES can help roll out travel policies or develop policies for staff travel.

Contact TES to update your travel policies and procedures.

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